Thursday, April 22, 2010

Invitation Fail

Oh gosh. The last couple weeks have been crazy. Dan and I shot an episode of a tv show (it's top secret, but I'll give you the heads up prior to air date!) last week. I spent two weeks cleaning the house leading up to it, and now nearly a week trying to recover. Good heavens. I used to work in film and television, and man, I can't believe I worked those hours for years! Kudos to the ladies and gents who bring the good stuff to my tv every day, you guys are hard working people!!! 

Now that my life is reassembling itself, I decided it was time to tackle the invitations and stop avoiding doing my map. Don't ask me why, but I had a strong aversion to doing my map and it sat as a couple of blank lines on the page for a LONG time. I buckled down the other night and got'er done. 

Next step, test out the Yudu. I've used my Yudu many times and quite enjoy it. This time.... Not so much. My capillary sheets just refuse to expose. No exposed sheets=no silk screening=no handmade by Veronica invitations. After stepping back and realizing I also will need menus, programs, and potentially little welcome booklets for our out of town guests, I came to the conclusion that even if the Yudu did work, I would likely be spending the next 3 months standing in front of the stupid thing cursing myself for this "great idea".

You guessed it, I'm on the hunt for a printer! Wish me luck!


  1. Oh bummer! I am sad you are giving up on this (it would've been nice to see another person succeed!) I just started my trials last week and have been met with minor success so far. I am hoping to get the 100% awesomeness that I desire, but it's early yet.

    ps. found you from your post on WB!

  2. I'm okay with using my inkjet. It's literally saving me DAYS of time, plus it still looks great! As much as I'm sad at letting my Yudu dreams go, I've made peace with it and vow to use it for another project.

    Are you using the Yudu brand emulsion sheets or a different brand?