Monday, April 26, 2010

This stop Insomniaville, population 1

I can't decide if I'm awake very early or up very late. I hate when Dan isn't home at night. I have this super bizarre fear that I'm going to wake up with an axe murderer standing over me (seriously happened to someone we know), so I wake up every 3 minutes and peek out from under my sleeping mask to make sure no one is there. Yep. I know. Crazy. Of course my mind starts racing about a million other thoughts that go something like this:

I have to fall asleep because I have to be up at 7:45 to put out the garbage. I hate our early garbage men.
What was that noise?!
I'm going to be so tired tomorrow.
The printer never confirmed our meeting. I wonder if he'll cancel and I can nap during the day when it's safe in the house. 
What was that?!
Maybe I should just print the invitations myself. That printer I found on Etsy just uses her inkjet. I can use our inkjet. 
I have to go to the bank and deposit those cheques. 
Was that a raccoon?!
I should really get moving on my Etsy store. 
I have to find a real job after the wedding don't I?!
Was that someone on the stairs?!
What colour envelopes should we have?
I wonder what the caterer thought of the photo of the platters I've bought. 
It's really late. I'm going to be so tired.
Was that a cat or did some other small animal just run up the stairs?!
I wonder if Mom and Dad had fun at Stomp this afternoon. 
Why does it sound like someone grinding an axe in the backyard?!
How am I going to sew labels onto the envelopes? I have to look that up on Weddingbee... Maybe I'll just do that now.

Etc etc etc. Perhaps we could rename Insomniaville Crazytown because seriously, where is my head at?! No one is in my basement. Raccoons are outside the house. The fridge makes bumps and noises all night. Jeez louise lady, settle the heck down! Overactive imagination much?!

Anyone have any tips for settling an overactive imagination?? I swear I'm really a grown up ;)

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  1. I do the same thing at night when I can't sleep. I know it's a cop out but I heart Tylenol PM.

    P.S. - tip your garbage man really well at Christmas-time. Ours goes into the backyard to get the garbage cans. We don't touch a thing. ;)