Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Pro photos: Here's lookin' at you kid!

Hands down, these are my favourite photos of the day. So Dan ran out of gas and had to get an emergency refill. I waited by the hotel for the photographers to give me the go ahead. I was so excited I forgot to put on perfume and my mom ran back upstairs to get it for me. I also wanted to bring my purse, a balloon and I can't remember what else, and my photographer Justin told me to give it all back and just GO. Thank god for having a good team around you. However since it all happened so quickly I forgot to tell someone to bring it all with them later and by the time my purse arrived at the venue my vows and thank you speech were gone. Oops. Ah well. So back to it shall we?

I had to walk across the parking lot and up a big ass hill to find Dan and the Colonel. My mom offered to come with me, but I felt it was really important to do it in my own. Sort of symbolic looking back on it.... Do you like the little montage I made you guys? I love this paparazzi-esque series!

This was the spa and yes there were people in there. I'm pretty sure they were surprised to see me walking by outside!!!

I was so excited and nervous I couldn't stop laughing.
Hello over there???

Hi honey!!! Can you see me waving through the windows???

Ready? 1.... 2.... 3....!!!!!
Dan was speechless at first and then said "Awwww you look beautiful!!!" and I started crying before I could even get "hi" out of my mouth. It's on our highlights reel.

To quote Dan's first words to me ever: Nice shoes!!

I like to fold myself up into Dan. Arms against his chest. It's so comfy.
Kiss on forehead! I insist on these and often just shove my head against Dan's lips forcing him to kiss me ;)

Now to get into the Winnebago... Uhhhhhh that's harder than it seems. Dan ended up lifting me in and out, LOL!

See? Enforced kiss on forehead.

Now let's hit the road jack!
I realize you can fully see our photographer Justin in the reflection, but I still love the look of pure happiness and excitement on my face in this photo. We'll call it a Hitchcock-esque shot ;)

"Oh my gosh we're running so late... What the hell took him so long?!"
"Thank god she doesn't know I ran out of gas. She'd kill me."
Keep the white dress AWAY from the greasy dirty motor!!!
We drove to Newfoundland and back with me holding the bunk like this. We were both terrified we'd hit a bump and it would be the one that snapped the belts that held it up there, LOL!
I LOVE this shot of my girls!!!!

Bye ladies! See you over there!
We were crossing a bridge and I was checking to make sure we were lined up correctly (it was a small bridge). I love the moodiness of this shot.
I told you he had to lift me in and out!!!
Okay. So I think I'll leave it here for now, this has been a LONG post!!! Next post will be photos of the wedding party! Thanks everyone! I hope you enjoyed it!