Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Wedding Recap: Setting the Scene (Pro photos)

Here's another reason why I've been putting off blogging about this. Shit went wrong on our wedding day. Like really really really wrong. I'm still really angry about it and very let down. I posted about it here briefly and I can't say much more as we're currently in the midst of a lawsuit with one of our main vendors for the wedding :(  Really and truly it sucks. 

Let's move on to the happier things though shall we? Pro photos!!! All photos are attributed to Stillmotion, they rock my world. I can't say enough about how much I love them!

The Winnebago was painstakingly cleaned to get it "white dress ready". Apparently the guys were going ballistic trying to make it perfect for me. Uhhhh guys, it's a 1973 Winnebago, it only gets so clean ;)

 Dan and his groomsman Greg put up my "Going to the Chapel" banner by installing some eye hooks in the back of the Winnie to tie the ribbon onto. (Sorry for the shameless plug, a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do!)

The tent finally started going up....

Dan, Elisa (love you to no end!!!!), and a crew of the best friends anyone could ask for started setting up our tables and chairs. 

Our corkscrew hazel tree got installed in the massive firepit and the guys carried down TONS of rocks to fill it in. My wonderful friends Kelly and Ann (who came all the way from Australia, I don't think she signed up for this job) covered the tree in hand wired orchids I had picked up the day before from a local wholesale florist. It. was. stunning.

Elisa set the tables with our linens and the barn board was carefully placed on each one. It was a one shot deal, barnboard isn't exactly clean and the linens aren't forgiving! My DIY cream and sugar pots of baby's breath were put on each piece along with the vintage teapots filled by our florist and other table decor I had spent hours creating. (PS this series of Elisa spreading the linens is one of my favourites!!)

Before we move onto the guys and girls getting ready, I'll leave you with the tools of the day and one of my favourite shots of Dan. He was so determined not to let anything ruin our wedding day and for everything to just be perfect for me..... I love that man. 

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