Thursday, July 29, 2010

It just fits

If you don't want to see photos of my dress stop right HERE!!!!!!!

This week was my first fitting. I was terribly excited and wanted everything to be perfect. I've been working out really hard most mornings with good ole Jillian Michaels and I've gone down a dress size, hooray! My mom and future mother-in-law (FMIL) came with me to the appointment as moral support, but also because I feel bad for FMIL that she doesn't always get to do the "girly" stuff with two sons. I had shown her the photo of my dress last year when I first bought it, and she literally had zero reaction. Not a smile. Not a peep. Nothing. I was terrified she hated it, and she being only one step from her son (my husband to be!), I was somewhat worried he would hate it. Solution: Bring FMIL to the first dress fitting and let her see it in person and go from there. 

We arrived at the bridal salon and my consultant Lina brought my dress out and put it in the change room. I took a breath and went in. As I lifted it off the hanger to step into it I thought "Wow, I don't remember it being this heavy...". Seriously. That was what I thought. Not "Oh it's so beautiful!!!", no I was thinking about the weight and how much I might sweat because of it, how romantic. So I slipped into that sucker, zipped up as much as I could at the back, and walked out of the change room. 

FMIL (thankfully) was floored. She loves it. *whew* And of course, my mom was over the moon. She was also trying to tell the seamstress how to fix what where, but the seamstress was a very patient woman and just winked at me while I kept telling my mom to stop. It was nice my mom was so excited and I'm happy that she wants it to be perfect for me. I stepped into my lovely red shoes....

And pulled my bolero out of it's little plastic bag (with no wrinkles, how does that happen?!)....

And voila! Insta-bride!!!! I wish I had a few more photos to share, but FMIL was in charge of the camera and was so excited she kept forgetting to focus it, so I don't have very many usable photos!  I did manage to steal the camera for a second a take a photo of myself in the mirror to compensate for some of the blurry shots. I promise to give the camera to someone else at the next fitting ;)

There's very little to be done to the dress thankfully. The bust has to be taken in (damn you Jillian and all your freaking push ups!!!!), the lining around my hips needs to be let out a bit, and the bustle has to be put in. That's it! Hooray! Fitting #2 is in a couple of weeks and hopefully my veil will be in by then as well. 

On a side note, the ladies at the shop loved my bolero and red shoes. One lady very confidently looked at my shoes and said "Oh, those are Gucci". I refrained from laughing and said "No, they were $30 at Target and I got them three years ago, but thanks!". It's nice to see even the bargain finds are impressive!

Next week: Hair and make up trial! HOORAY!!!!


  1. Oh my gosh, it's fabulous. Looks absolutely stunning on you my dear! And I love love love your bolero!

  2. Thanks so much! Maryandangelika was terrific to work with. She put a lining in my bolero for me since I was concerned about warmth in September and also sweat marks. I'm SO excited to wear it, it totally transforms the look of the dress!

  3. It's so gorgeous!! I love the bottom.

    I love the story about your shoes!! I have a pair of red shoes that are my "backup" shoes - I get tons of compliments everytime I wear them. They were $14 at Forever 21! LOL

  4. Hello! Found you through Weddingbee.

    That bolero! I die. If you look this good at the fitting, you will be stunning on your wedding day.

  5. Awww thanks ladies! I love the warm and fuzzies I get when I think about my dress (and my bolero! I didn't expect to love it THIS much!). My hair and make up trial is this week so I'm really looking forward to seeing my whole look pulled together!

  6. gorgeous! I love your look! The red bolero and shoes are def rocking!