Friday, August 20, 2010

Just a little taste...

Last night we had our tasting. It makes me delirious thinking about how much food we ate. I asked my parents to join us since we have a lot to thank them for, and because I think my mom wasn't entirely comfortable with how we're doing our wedding. I think to her, a wedding is held at a country club or a hotel, this is waaaaaaaaaaaay outside the box for her. She's constantly worried about Ezra (our chef) breaking his arm or some other calamity happening. To put her mind at ease, I thought it would be best if she tasted his food herself to see why we were so adamant about having him do our wedding. Without further ado, grab a napkin to wipe up your drool and welcome to my wedding dinner!

Between the ceremony and the reception we're having a cocktail hour. There will be a large cheese buffet since Dan and I are pretty big cheese people. Mmmm cheese. So here we have ash-wrapped goat cheese, parmesean, and some sort of Quebecoise sheep cheese. I can't remember the name for the life of me. Ezra likes to do a goat, cow and sheep cheese each for varying textures and flavours. I say YUM!

Dan is super lactose intolerant, but he loves cheese. Note the Lacteeze bottle in the background. I force him to take it. He thinks cheese farts are funny, I say not so much.

Next, the passed appetizers. We have an organic scrambled egg tartlette with fresh herb salad and melon wrapped in prosciutto. The egg was unbelievably delicious, the texture was like silk! Melon wrapped prosciutto is entirely for me, I'm obsessed with it and ate it every day while I lived in Italy. Seriously. Every. Single. Day. 

More passed appetizers. At the back are pork, corn and shitake dumplings. Mmmmm!!!! In the middle a potato scallion galette with Georgian Bay smoked white fish. I really don't like fish. At all. I love fish the way Ezra does it. He's a genius! Last on the tray is actually part of our late night snack to be served at our sweet and savory buffet, a mini grilled cheese with paradiso cheese, bacon and caramelized onion. Mmmmm!!!!!

Next, we have our first course. An heirloom tomato gazpacho with lobster salad and homemade basil oil. I've never had a smooth gazpacho before and it was awesome! My dad saw it and said "I don't really like gazpacho...." and when I looked back 10 seconds later the bowl was empty and my dad was smiling. That says enough to me. 

Next, the vegetarian option. I seriously loved this so much I'm thinking about changing my meal order. It was a herbed carnaroli risotto with fresh green beans, cherry tomatoes, fontina cheese, pine nuts and a balsamic reduction. To die for. 

The parents seem happy.

Now for the carnivore's main: Cumbrae's flat iron steak with fingerling potatoes, local corn, summer squash, chimichuri and bordelaise sauce. Cumbrae's is a locally farmed, naturally raised, organic meat supplier. I love to eat organic meat but it's not always financially feasible, so it's awesome we're having it at the wedding! Forks at the ready people!

Someone's a happy bride!!!

To round off our dinner we have dessert. I'm a dessert person. I would eat chocolate cake for breakfast every day if Dan would let me and if it wouldn't cause some severe health issues. Ezra came up with poached peaches and financier cake (a buttery almond cake) with sea salt caramel ice cream. This ice cream is seriously the best I've had in my life. I LOVE IT!

Apparently not using utensils isn't appropriate, even if you are the bride.

And is if eating all that wasn't enough, we got to sample a few more of the items from our late night buffet!!!! First up, Ezra's version of poutine: home made fries with pulled pork, au jus, and some kind of cheese we can't remember... 

And on the sweet side, coffee and doughnuts: mini coconut doughnuts with coffee creme anglaise. Ezra put the leftovers of the coffee and doughnuts aside for us. We devoured them as soon as the door closed. 

My parents left both full and impressed. My mom loved Ezra and his food. My dad has called once and emailed twice to express his gratitude. They both agree they now understand why we put so much time and effort into finding a venue that could allow us to bring Ezra. 

Best. Wedding. Food. Ever.

**All photos are personal photos.


  1. So I read this whole post & checked out his page:
    a) you had me at goat cheese.
    b) I'm really hungry now.
    c) totally jealous cuz I know we're just gonna get (Hilton food)
    d) I know what you mean about org. meat - it's insane but sooo worth it.
    e) I dunno what's yummier - his food or Ezra himself. Cutie!!

  2. Looks fantastic! As a vegetarian, it makes me happy that your veggie dish looks really yummy!

  3. Dancy:
    a) Goat cheese makes the world go round.
    b) I'm a little sad about the hot dog Dan is putting on the bbq for me right now.
    c) My friend had the Ramada cater her wedding and it was some of the best wedding food I've ever had!!! They went so above and beyond!
    d) Organic steaks are insanely delicious, but with our red meat habit I save the organic for special occasions. We found a place that has $5 (non organic) filet mignons to keep us happy between the organic ones.
    e) Yes, Ezra is adorable! I keep telling him if he wasn't married I'd run off with him!

    Brit - As a serious carnivore, saying that I'm really debating having the risotto over the beef says a lot I think! I'm so happy the vegetarian option is just as high quality as the rest of the meal. I think it often gets a double portion of whatever the side dish is, which just isn't fair.