Sunday, November 21, 2010


Well. Big news in the Wellfed Newlywed camp! We're planning a house renovation and we just hired our architect, Jenny Francis! Hooray!!! It's definitely something I'd like to chronicle online, both for our friends, and for other people thinking about renovating, so I'm in the midst of deciding if I should start up a separate blog or figure out a way to put a renovations page or something on here. I'm an interior designer by trade, so I've been on the flip side of the coin pretty often! I think a lot of homeowners go into a renovation expecting an Extreme Home Makeover or Trading Spaces type of situation where it takes a week, a couple thousand bucks, and WOW a whole new house appears! Nothing could be further from the truth, believe me. The next year of our lives is going to be fun, frustrating, draining financially and emotionally, and ultimately, rewarding. I've heard how the first year of marriage is often the hardest, but I also know doing a house renovation is one of the most stressful things you can put your marriage through, so hopefully by the end of this we won't have killed each other and at the very least still be sleeping in the same bed ;)

Over the past three weeks we've met with about five different architects, each bringing different perspectives and strengths to the project. Ultimately we decided to go with Jenny, who I had met years prior doing an interview for school when she worked at 3rd Uncle, an incredible design firm in Toronto. What struck me about Jenny is that she understood that while the exterior of our home is important, we also have to live here and thus the interior is just as important. I really wanted to create a cohesive project, exterior and interior, so I didn't want an architect who was going to be very hands off about the interiors. Jenny's experience and incredible creativity is going to create a really special home for us, and I think there's a lot I can learn from her during this process. Hopefully the skills both Dan and I bring to the table will help to make this a really successful project and I think we'll all work really well as a team. Our house gets measured up Tuesday morning and our first meeting to begin programming and planning with Jenny is on Wednesday. 

All I can think about is that I have to start packing up the house! This time next year I should be sitting in my new house! Oh my goodness!!


  1. congratulations on moving forward with the home renovations! Rob and I renovated our kitchen while planning the wedding. Everyone said if we could get through that, marriage would be easy. We had a great time and LOVE our new space. Sounds like you picked a great architect and will have a wonderful home to show for it! Can't wait to see pics :-)

  2. We are also starting the design process on a house. I look forward to what you come up with. Follow me back and maybe we can exchange ideas.