Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A tisket a tasket, a card basket! Well not really a basket but it rhymed.

A friend of mine was gracious enough to give me her card box from her wedding last year. It's pretty and white but needed some oomph. The more I looked at it, the more I didn't know what to do with it. So (sorry!) I started from scratch. This is what happens when your engagement is more than a year, you start focusing on these tiny little things..... But since I'm anal retentive detail oriented, there's nothing I would rather do than spend an afternoon making myself a new cardbox! 

To begin, my mom and I went shopping in Chinatown. We found these two awesome woven suitcases for about $15 altogether. Great deal!

I stacked them up on each other and chalk lined inside the bottom of the smaller one the size of the opening I wanted. 

Unstack and cut. I used a craft knife, scissors did not work out so well. I used scissors to trim any extra pieces that were sticking out or untidy.

Now put this back on top of the larger case, and bust out the chalk to trace the outline of this hole onto the top of your lid of the larger case. 

Cut. Trim. This really isn't complicated is it?!

Now to stick the two together, I used a combination of "Good Glue" (yes that's a brand) and fishing line. Whatever glue you use, just make sure it works on wood, not just paper. I glued all around the bottom edges of the suitcase and was fairly light on the rest of the bottom of the surface. I lined up the holes and pressed. Then I cut some pieces of fishing line and stuck it through the two layers of the wood and tied it together just to give a bit of added security. I did one in each corner, and one halfway between each of those. Let it dry overnight. I think the combination of the fishing line and the glue worked out perfectly, that sucker is not coming apart. The glue dries clear and I couldn't even find the fishing line when I looked for it in the corners!

Finally, I printed off a few of our engagement photos to stick inside the lid of the top suitcase as a little surprise for when people open it. I still have to make a little "cards" sign to attach to the handle, I may use an old school luggage tag or something. I love that it really doesn't need to be overly embellished, it can really stand on its own.

This is sitting on our dining room table still and every time Dan walks past it he smiles and says "That's just so cute....". You have to love with the guy can even appreciate a wedding DIY project!

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  1. this is pretty darn awesom...I love the simplistic look and the statement that it makes.