Monday, June 07, 2010

We've hit double digits people!!!

96 days to go. I'm trying not to make this face:

Okay but seriously. I have lists. And lists of lists. Because we all know how much I love my lists. 

That's my list. You can't see the bottom of it. And on the right, more lists. Notice that nothing on that list is crossed off just yet. ACK!!!!! And on a side note, god I love Microsoft OneNote, it's life changing.

Okay, moving to the happy place. 96 days is not a long time, but I know I certainly have time to get it all done and that I have a wonderful mother who is dying to help, and six bridesmaids who I can force beg ask nicely for help when I need it. 

But here's the thing. In 96 short days, I get to marry Dan. I get to be his wife, and he gets to be my husband, we get to walk down this road together from now on. In 96 days, we'll get to spend a day with our family and friends celebrating our commitment to each other, our love for each other, and what an amazing life we're leading. In 96 days, all this hard work will be done, and chances are I'll forget to look at the menus I printed or the cake toppers I painted because I'll be looking into Dan's eyes and promising to love him. It's all pretty incredible and somewhat overwhelming, but I couldn't be more excited. I almost wish it were tomorrow, but who would want to miss all that menu printing right?! 

So friends, see you in 96 days. I'll be the one in the big white dress. Dan, I'll meet you at the top of the aisle. 


PS - Stay tuned for more DIY details, recipes, and summer fun! If I'm staying this busy for the next 96 days you better believe I'm showing off what I'm doing around here!!!

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