Thursday, April 14, 2011

Cocktail hour! We deserve it!

So even though we built in an hour of "grey zone" over run time, we still needed to take some formal photos after the ceremony. Formal is not my style, but we realized we did need a few with our families. Here's a few just for fun and then we'll get on with the cocktail hour!

I added a vintage WWII French Air Force locket to my bouquet. Why? My grandmother served in the British Air Force in WWII and I thought that having a locket to pay homage to her service would be pretty cool! She has Alzheimers and couldn't be at the wedding with us. My other grandmother passed away nearly two years ago, and I know she was excited for Dan and I and I couldn't have gone through our day without her with me.
Both my grandmothers. When Dan and I got our photos back from Stillmotion, this is the one that made me cry.

My sister and I. I think this is the only photo in existence where you can see that we do look alike, LOL! It's the nose and smile. The red vs brown hair, not so much, LOL!
Me and my Poppa. I'm not sure I told you, but I wore his WWII regiment pin on my dress which was a surprise for him. He loved it and I think was very touched when I showed him :)

Checking out the pin.
Dan with his brother and mom.
Me and my parents. I don't look like either of them, I was convinced I was adopted for years!

So once we got that over with, we moved on to the cocktail party. By now, unfortunately, I think the "hour" was just about over, but I insisted we take a few minutes to enjoy the jazz musicians we had hired for Dan's benefit (which he pretty much missed) and eat some of the amazing appetizers from our caterer!

This one's not a pro photo, but I love that the venue made this little sign for us. So sweet. It was the first thing I saw when I went down to the cocktail hour.
Guests mingle in the courtyard while enjoying a drink.


My gorgeous aunt, her husband, and her beautiful daughter (and one of my bridesmaids) Sami. They came up from Kansas to be at the wedding. I'm so thankful they were with us, it meant the world to me.
Mmmmmmm this food is tasty!!!        

Behind the scenes! Organic scrambled egg tartlet with fresh herb salad.

The amazing Ron Davis provided our jazz cocktail hour music. Take a look at the awesome piano at our venue! I had no idea it looked like that, when I saw it I guess it was all closed up and just looked like a plain old black upright piano!

Cheese, bread & fruit buffet.

Another non-pro photo, but too cute to not mention. Dan LOVES cheese. LOVES IT. He is also lactose intolerant and never carries lactose pills with him. When I found this little bowl with the shovel spoon, I had to have it to put lactose pills in it as a joke for him. Anyone who's been around my husband has experienced the ill effects of his lactose issues!
I think they liked it...   

Catching up for a minute with my cousin who flew in from England for the wedding. I was SO happy she was able to join us. I'm pretty sure I cried when I saw her.
My dad grabs some prosciutto and melon, my favourite thing on earth and a must have for the wedding. How do I know that's my dad? See that wonky pointer finger? I jumped on it when I was a toddler and broke it. Yep. That's all me.

Potato Scallion Galette with Georgian Bay Smoked White Fish. I'm not a fish person. I was skeptical when Ezra proposed this. They are like heaven on a potato cake I swear to god.
I love the little touches. Ezra put so much thought into our service, it was perfect. 

It's time for the receiving line!
 I'm going to interrupt here for a second. Future brides, pay attention: Be very clear with the other people in your receiving line (*cough cough mother-in-law cough cough*) that this is not the place for a ten minute conversation with each guest!!! We had 150 guests and it felt like our receiving line took two hours I swear to god. Seriously, Dan and I were standing there with no one in front of us because they were stuck at the parents! We started waving people AROUND the parents because it was taking so long. I started wondering if people had lined up twice! Seriously, folks gotta eat, let them through the line!!! LOL!

Note the lack of people in front of Dan and I.

We took down the "Going to the Chapel" banner and put up the "Just Married" one :)
Fist bumps for gettin' married!

My gorgeous friend Kelly lookin swank in her dress! She and another friend did such an awesome job on my corkscrew hazel tree!

Okay well that's that for now! Next post will be the reception! We're on the home stretch!!!


  1. Amazing photos! So many details and everything came together beautifully.

  2. Awesome pictures. I'm really enjoying your recaps. I lost my Nana in 2004 so those pictures made me a little choked up at work. Alzheimer's SUCKS!!

  3. @Dancy - So sorry to hear about your Nana. It's a horrible disease. It's been hell to watch my grandmother go through it and see my grandfather go through all the denial, negotiating, etc about it. She's in a nursing home now and he's in a retirement community, I know it's so hard on him. He visits her EVERY DAY though. It's a beautiful testament to what the "in sickness and in health" really means 60+ years later!

  4. It was delicious! I wish I could remember everything that was on it! I know there was an ash goat cheese, a harder sheep's cheese, and then a cow's cheese. I wish I could remember all the names of them, but they were delicious! I'm going to have to do a post JUST of our food, we have so many fantastic photos of our caterer in action!

  5. These pictures are so sweet - and the cocktail hour looks amazing!