Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Embrace the Lace

I found an awesome table top inspiration for our wedding on the blog 100 Layer Cake. As soon as I saw it, I totally fell in love. It's elegant, has a touch of vintage charm, and is so DIY-able! 

Since I saw this, I've been scouring local thrift shops for silver teapots and so far have scored about a dozen of them ranging in price from $5-$8. It's really going to save us money on renting or buying vases from our florist, and gives a really personalized touch to the table. It's also a really cool and unexpected centrepiece give away for our guests! 

The other gorgeous part of this setting is the lace wrapped votive holders. I completely lucked out and found another bride nearby who was trying to clear out her wedding stuff which included the perfect votive holders from Cudge.net. They're pretty much straight up and down and don't taper, which is imperative for wrapping it in lace or any fabric for that matter. I went to my local FabricLand and found a beautiful lace for $3.49/yard. I probably could have shopped around and found cheaper lace elsewhere, but since I was gifted a case of votive holders for free, I was okay to call it even. My sister/MOH came over and we cut the lace into 7" pieces and then got to sticking it on with glue dots. I tried hot glue, but it's messy and doing 72 votives that way was too many opportunities to burn my fingers. 

 (It's also important to involve at least 2 cats in the process)

We found the best way to keep the lace on was to use two glue dots at the start of your lace, one somewhere around the centre to keep it from sliding down, and then two again to close it up.It was so simple! We finished up in less than three hours including cutting all the lace. 

The finished product! I think I'm going to buy another box and do some more up I like them so much!

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