Friday, March 05, 2010

Wah wah website

When you get engaged, you quickly realize you need a place to disseminate information to friends and family. You want a place for them to get to know who's in the wedding or what each other's family is like. A place for maps, directions, registries, and all those goodies. There are a million great free wedding websites out there and they are well used by many couples around the world. It's overwhelming and confusing when faced with so many options.

For Dan and I, we wanted something a bit more interactive. We found that the free ones offered little variety and options and just didn't suit what we were looking for. A lot of people say to never ever pay for your wedding website, I beg to differ. We came across and signed up for a free trial. Within two days I had signed up for their two year plan. Let me explain why this site in particular worked so well for us. 

First, it was really interactive. Guests can slide around photos in the background, scroll through photo albums, link to maps to our hotel and venue, the possibilities are endless. We can offer an online RSVP option to our guests, but we haven't decided on that one yet.

Second, I love that we can upload our own music. I didn't want chintz "this is the instrumental elevator music that comes standard" muzak, I wanted music that was meaningful to Dan and I. We've loaded it up with Ray Charles, Jack Johnson, John Legend and the like. Awesome! Some times I open our site and just leave the music playing the the background while I work on other stuff. Ya, I'm a wedding geek like that. 

I love that it connects to Google maps. Guests can click on the "For Travellers" page, and then click on the "map" button to get a Google map to the hotel or venue. The only thing I wish I could add on here was a map from the hotel to the venue. Or maybe I just haven't figured out how to do that yet... 

There's also a guest book in the back that our friends and family can sign. I love finding an email notification about this! A lot of our family overseas have signed our book and expressed their excitement for us which is so wonderful. It can be so hard to keep people up to date, especially people far away, so this is such a great way to keep them involved. 

We've gotten a lot of compliments on our website and I'm so happy we chose to spend the few dollars to do it. I think it's so personalized to us and we can change it and adapt it however and whenever we'd like. Love love love it! No more tears, we have a winner!

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