Sunday, May 23, 2010

Button button who's got the button?

Ages ago I saw this photo and it's been my inspiration for our escort cards since:

I went to Joanns and picked up 10 different coordinating fabrics to use as our jam jar skirts and for our escort card buttons. The trick is to make sure they are all different enough that in the smaller size for the buttons they are still distinct from each other and easily identifiable. I'm still having table numbers but I really liked this added element to the table settings.
I bought my button forms (size 45, or 1-1/8") online at Start To Finish Supplies. 150 buttons plus the button mold/tool cost me just shy of $60 including shipping. This is WAY better than buying them at Joanns where 3 buttons will cost you about $3.50. I also bought a pack of 3 buttons at Joanns previous to shopping online to test it out, and I'm happy I did because it gives you a little half moon template for cutting your fabric. Super important!
Making the buttons is really fast and simple, trust me. First, use your template, fold your fabric over the half moon and cut out your circles. I cut 16 of each since I'm having 16/table (two rectangular tables of eight pushed together). So in the photo below I have my half moon template, my cut fabric circles, the two pieces of the button, the button mold tool above and a finished button.
Next, put a fabric circle into the white bottom piece of the button maker tool and put the larger front piece of the button on top. Push these down to the bottom of the mold. You can turn it over and see if you like how the pattern of your fabric is aligned and make adjustments.
Next, put the back piece of the button on (hook side up) with the edges of the fabric folded inside. 
Now use the blue piece of the tool and push down hard on the back of the button. If your fabric is thick, you may have to try stepping on it with your heel.You'll hear a little pop noise when you've got the back on.
Now pull out your button! Voila!
Make sure you have a good helper to guard your new buttons. They will be coveted by many ;)
Here are our buttons and our matching jam jar skirts! Adorable!

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  1. I used the same inspiration picture :) I put the fabric in the paper cutouts though. Your button idea is so cute and I love that they match the jam jars!
    You can see mine here: