Sunday, May 02, 2010

Pasta Perfection

Wow. Okay I made an amazing discovery tonight and I beg you to try it!!! We were feeling a bit lazy in terms of cooking today, so we stopped at a local bakery to grab some bread and some frozen gnocchi. Then we popped over to our organic butcher and grabbed a couple mild italian sausages and some bacon. 

So cook up your sausages and bacon, we did ours stovetop. While that's on the go, boil your water and throw your gnocchi in. In a smaller pot, we took some President's Choice Fire Roasted Tomato Sauce and warmed it up. Add about a half a ball of mozzarella sliced up and let it melt into the sauce. Now for the magic: add a drop or two of liquid smoke to your sauce. Start small, taste, add more if needed. Now chop up your sausages and bacon and add it into the sauce and let this mellow for a bit. Drain your gnocchi when it floats and fry it up a little in the sausage-y bacon-y goodness pan. Add your sauce. Die in the goodness. 

Seriously, I was licking the pan when it was time to clean up dinner. I'm not sure we've made a pasta that tasty in my lifetime. The liquid smoke totally makes it. So simple but so freaking delicious. I'm really debating going and eating the leftovers right now....

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