Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Honeymoon: Destination Awesome

I cannot begin to explain how excited I am about our honeymoon. Dan and I both knew we didn't want to book into a gigantic all-inclusive resort, it's just not our style. For our honeymoon we wanted to do something private, exotic, once in a lifetime. We were originally looking at Tahiti/Bora Bora/ Moorea which would have been lovely, but oh my gosh it's a small fortune to get there! We also wanted to do the over the water bungalows, and let me tell you, those puppies aren't free. And on top of that, none of the pricing included food. It was a negative on all points.

I started researching something a bit closer but that would still meet our needs: I don't want someone above, below or on either side of me. There's a certain sense of *privacy* I want for our honeymoon after all! Plus Dan often forgets to put on pants, so really, we're looking out for everyone here. We wanted great food, an option of activity or not. We didn't want to be forced into "tonight's dinner show" or have to make friends with 37 other honeymooning couples. I spent many many days online Googling. Somehow one site led to another, and I found it. The Royal Belize.

Seven and a half acres of paradise just off the coast of Belize. Our own private island. Yes. I said private freaking island!!!!! For honeymooners you get the whole island to yourself. There will definitely not be someone above below or beside me!!!! Sorry for all the exclamation marks, as you can see, I'm a little bit giddy about all this. For ten amazing days, I get my new hubby, a chef, and some maintenance staff and the little fishy in the ocean. Oh my gosh. Let's all sit back and bask in the glow of the photos I've stolen from their website.....................

 (The main dining hang out type area under a gorgeous thatched roof)

 (Le Shack. That's the best damn shack I've ever seen! One of three different villas on the island. The Hermitage is undergoing renovations right now and I can hardly wait for it's unveiling!)

 (The pier. The little gazebo at the end is cutely called World's End)

(A private palapo with hammock for easy afternoon reading and naps)

(Ahhhhh lovely. Maybe we won't come home.....)

So I hope you're all thoroughly jealous by now. I can't wait!!!! Now to get back to the 30 Day Shred so Jillian Michaels can kick me into bikini ready shape!!!

**All photos courtesy of Royal Belize.com

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  1. That looks so amazing. What an amazing experience that must be! You're never going to want to go back :D