Friday, May 28, 2010

Mud+Photographer=Ridiculous Engagement Shoot!

I don't think I've had the chance to explain to you my love for our photographer Justin Demers. A couple of years ago my friend Maggie got married, and when I saw her photos each and every one of them made me stop and say "Wow" or "Oh my gosh, that's SO Maggie!" and finally "Who is this photographer?!". I bookmarked his site and secretly looked at my wedding photography porn when Dan wasn't around. It was an unengaged girl's guilty pleasure. As soon as Dan proposed, I was mentally writing an email to Justin asking him when he was available because I would work around his schedule. I wish I were kidding. We would have gotten married September 18th but Justin was booked that day, so September 11th it was! 

(Photos are from Maggie, taken by Justin Demers)

It was really hard just to pick a few to post here. I think my comment on the photo of her dress was "If this guy gets any better I'm going to throw up." So anywho, you get the point. I love Justin. He's become part of the incredibly talented Stillmotion team based out of Toronto and I'm so excited to have the chance to work with him!

Wednesday we finally got to do our engagement shoot. I was dying to do this last year, but Dan wanted to wait, so I was a patient little bride and agreed. It was a bit of a comedy of errors since first we wanted to have our Winnebago as part of the shoot.

 (Personal Photo)

However, the good ole Colonel is parked up in Uxbridge with a broken exhaust and potentially a seized rear axle. No go. Next we thought, okay fine, we'll head out on our dock! That's tons of fun!

 (Dan's pride and joy, our dock with a motor attached. We've named it the S.S. Barely Legal. 
Sorry I don't have a better photo.)

Hmmm well no snow this winter meant no spring thaw and melt, which means the river is about 18" below it's normal level and our dock is stuck in the mud. Canoe it is! So we got in the canoe, paddled around a bit, took some photos, came back in the house to see if we could get some shots with the cats, and then Dan said to me "Let's go in the river." Ummm pardon? "Let's go in the river." Do you mean like in the river? Because it's kind of gross. "Yes. Let's just wade in, it'll be fine." Never ever trust a boy when he says "It'll be fine." It was fine at first. And then Dan knocked me over, so I took him down with me. We were both sitting in smelly Credit River mud, and so naturally, a mud fight ensued. I think we surprised Justin, it surprised me a little, but it was a lot of fun and I can hardly wait to see the photos!!! 

You thought at the end of all this you'd get to see our engagement photos didn't you? Well if I have to be patient so do you! 

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  1. i can't WAIT to see your pics!