Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Simply put : Heaven.

I didn't get lobster ceviche after my last post, but Halloween candy is a good second best. Back to the beach. So we pretty much spent 10 days that went like this:
  • Wake up

  • Put on bathing suit
  • Jump in ocean

  • Walk over to main palapa for coffee and breakfast

  • Stare out over beautiful vista of beach and ocean while digesting

  • Jump in ocean again or Dan's favourite: Jet ski

  • Read on comfy chairs on dock

  • Lunch

  • Swim some more

  • Read in hammock
  • Nap in hammock

  • Swim
  • Get ready for dinner
  • Dinner

  • Play cribbage in Palapa

  • Bed
Yep. Big days! But oh my gosh so relaxing. I went through six books in 10 days. Heaven I tell you!!!

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