Friday, October 29, 2010

Pro photos sneak peek

I have a confession to make. I've been holding back on you. I've had these photos for a while now and I've selfishly kept them to myself. I'm sorry. I thought I was helping everyone by going through the events of the wedding, the days after, and the honeymoon chronologically. Now I see it is never right to hold back professional photos. Ever. You know why? BECAUSE THEY'RE AMAZING!!!! No one should be deprived of these puppies! LOL! Many thanks to Justin and the whole Stillmotion team (yet again) for their brilliant vision and insane talent. We couldn't be happier with what we've seen so far and we know the best is yet to come! Here it goes folks! Enjoy!

This is our friend Pat in our Winnebago. A lot of our story is told via the Winnebago which I think is adorable. It was such a focal point in the wedding, I love that our photographers and cinematographers used it as the vehicle to tell our story (har har). 

Dan putting hooks in to attach my signs to.

The tent FINALLY goes up. Jeez. 

Our good friend Luke vacuums to make the Colonel "white dress ready". I'm not sure it's possible for the Colonel to ever be that clean. 

My suite at the Millcroft Inn. 

Isn't my husband so handsome?! He's on the way to pick me up for our "first look"! So exciting!

My mom found this booklet of "Things you must do to make me happy" lists for me to check off each day for Dan. I did one up for him and put it in his groom's gift :)

I love this photo. Swoon. 

My nephews were escorts for our moms and my stepson was our ringbearer. While explaining to the kids that the wedding is essentially a big party and that they would have very important jobs, they each asked "Will there be cake and balloons???". How can  you say no to that much cuteness?! So each of the boys got a big white balloon with their initial hanging off it because I'm an awesome auntie/stepmom. 

Dan writing out his vows. Apparently his phone died and no one had a charger so it was mayhem because he thought he wouldn't have his vows for the ceremony. I kept these cue cards, I hope our kids will enjoy looking at them some day!

The order of the day for our caterer, the incredible Ezra Title of Chezvous Dining. Our wedding meal was oh so delicious. He put so much thought and love into our day, we couldn't have chosen a better team.

My vintage cake topper from Value Village that cost $0.69. The bride used to have a lovely long veil, but my cat Smee decided it tasted delicious, so she's very chic in her birdcage veil now!

Holla! Pop Shoppe pop!!! Do you hear the 80's calling?!

Our first dance. Awwww. 

My beautiful aunt and her husband. I love this shot. 

As an added bonus, a few days ago Justin posted this photo for me. I love all the layers and I think it feels a bit Halloween-y although it could just be the season getting to me ;)  The pin-up girls are 70's Penthouse swizzle sticks, part of Dan's grooms gift along with a bottle of scotch, my boudoir photos, and some snacks. Apparently when you put them in liquid their clothes disappear. Shocking! The text that's running down the centre of the photo is from the vintage wooden box I put Dan's gift in. And of course, on the bottom we have our old school cake topper. Hawt stuff huh?! I love the creativity at Stillmotion, it just blows me away!


  1. wow.




    absolutely amazing!!

  2. these photos are so gorgeous! You have such a nice balance of unique and special and very pretty photos! I love the sign, and the whiteboard and your expression! So cute!!!

  3. I love the "things you must do" booklet! Such a creative idea, haha. Funny story about the fashion designer cat who thought the long veil was so yesterday.

  4. Thanks ladies! I can hardly wait to get the rest, apparently they're coming at the end of the month. I'm DYING to see them. Patient bride isn't my strong suit ;)

    @Katie - My cats are full of quirks. I think you're right, he's a fashion designer in feline form!