Sunday, February 14, 2010

Love Day

It seems I've been posting a lot more about food than weddings lately. I do have wedding things to blog about, it just seems salivating over my latest culinary conquest entertains me more. This posting is a little of column A and a little of Column B. 

I think I've posted before about our wonderful caterer and how we found him. Ezra Title of ChezVous Dining may have changed our world. For Dan's 30th birthday I wanted to something big. I wanted something once in a lifetime amazing. We went away for the weekend to Muskoka to stay at a beautiful lodge for a few days and went paragliding. When we got home Dan was surprised by a man we had never met standing in our kitchen preparing a gourmet meal for us. A couple of our close friends were in on the job and had set up an uber romantic scene for us on the back deck which was amazing. In fact, it was so good we hired Ezra again for Dan's 31st birthday. And then we emailed him and asked if he would cook Dan's birthday meal every year for us. I don't plan on ever backing out of that deal! 

This is one of those little things that makes our relationship awesome. Once a year we get to splurge and have the most amazing meal in the comfort of our own home (we're homebodies and we have a spectacular view from our back deck). We spend a lot of time making sure other people enjoy our home and their time here but it's not often we sit back and let it all sink in. Enjoying one night of utter indulgence is something both Dan and I agree is well earned and it's easily our favourite night of the year.

When Ezra agreed to cater our wedding and he said yes we were ecstatic to say the least! Ezra's star has blossomed, he's about to shoot the second season of his TV show, The Healthy Gourmet, so we're so thankful he has time for our wedding. 

So I love my fiance, I love our chef, and it's Valentine's Day. Where am I going with this? People keep asking "Are you cooking for Valentine's Day?". Ummm no. I made a HUGE brunch this morning for my family which got demolished before I could take a photo, and that was more than enough cooking for me. BUT I did get an email from Ezra about two weeks ago offering a Valentine's Day meal delivered to your home which, of course, I jumped on. I think I emailed him back in about 35 seconds and before even asking Dan. 

What's the perfect Valentine's Day for me? When a good looking man arrives at my door with a beautiful bag full of amazing food and a long stem rose. SCORE! (Sorry honey)

Unpacking my goodies

I can hardly wait to dig in tonight! It took so much will power last night to keep this stuff in the fridge! If you ever want a good Valentine's Day, trust me, kick back your feet and call Ezra!

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