Friday, January 01, 2010

About Us

I had to think of where to start after our "Welcome" post. I wanted to jump straight into the proposal, but thought I should maybe tell you who we are before leading you down the newlywed road just yet. Dan and I met while I was living in a condo on the Lakeshore. I had lived there about 6 months without any real encounters with the neighbours. One day while waiting for the elevator, two guys came out and were waiting as well. One tall handsome stranger says to me something along the lines of "Nice shoes...". I honestly have no idea what else he said because I was so fixated on his beautiful blue eyes. We rode the elevator down, flirted mercilessly and parted ways. I barely noticed the other person with him. I remember arriving at my college class in a huff and announcing to my friends "I met the most GORGEOUS man in the elevator and I will never see him again, I know it!". A couple weeks passed, I met my neighbour in the elevator again. This time he was all hot and sweaty, but I was anxious to see someone under the age of 70 in my building so I ignored him and his friend's stinky features just to make a friend. A couple MORE weeks passed, and I bumped into my neighbour again who invited me to see his stand up comedy show the next night. I arrived with a girlfriend and my neighbour directed me to the table where his friends were sitting and lo and behold, there is the gorgeous man from the elevator! We spent the night talking and flirting and completely hit it off. The next 12 days we were virtually inseparable. I know exactly how many days because I had a three month trip to Italy booked and I remember when I looked into Dan's big blue eyes thinking "What am I supposed to say?! Well it was wonderful to meet you, but in 12 days I'm leaving the country for three months. See you when I see you! It figures!!!".

Three months passed. I shopped, worked a bit, learned the language, and made incredible friends in Italy while Dan.... Well.... He was being Dan. Anyone who knows this man knows that communication is not his forte. In any case, I think he enjoyed his summer. We talked and emailed intermittently over the months. He answered the phone when I called crying about how much I hated the job I had there. He sent me a photo of himself when I thought I couldn't go another day without seeing him. Then I came home. The next day he arrived at my door ready to drink red wine and eat the 15 lbs of cheese I had sent back! I think there have been very few days since then that we haven't been together.

We've each grown. We've each changed. Luckily for us we grew together and have changed to better our life together. We're absolute homebodies which I think we're both still coming to terms with, but have realized when you have something great don't mess with it! Our favourite times are having a great meal with good friends on our back deck or out on the dock/river raft. We're quirky people (I'll have to get into some of those stories in another post!), but I'd like to think our quirks are adorable and endearing ;) We each strive to give ourselves to each other, our family and friends, and our community as much as we can.

If I could describe "us" in a meal, I would say it's our favourite: steak, baked potato with the works, Caesar salad, and a loaf of crusty bread. Classic, simple, reliably a crowd pleaser, it doesn't require a lot of prep, but you'll get out of it exactly as much as you put in.

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