Thursday, January 28, 2010

Back Online!

Oh man. What a rough couple days! Sorry for the unannounced absence. I got some sort of massive virus on my computer that no amount of my rudimentary skills could get rid of. Basically it locked me out of my laptop and I had to take it to the professionals to get it fixed. Thankfully they were able to get rid of the virus and save all my data (which I had also backed up before I got to the point of being locked out). However, the crappy thing about it is that I think they wiped my computer and I'm slowly realizing all the things that are missing.

1) Mozilla Firefox and all my bookmarks. Everything wedding related, design related, fun stuff, interesting stuff, gone. Ugh. I'll never remember it all!
2) My Adobe Suite. I'm not going to cry because I wanted to upgrade to CS4 but I had planned on working on our wedding invitations today. Guess it'll have to wait.
3) AutoCAD. Grrrr!!!!! Thankfully I know where I can get another copy, but it's a pain in the butt to install so I'm not looking forward to doing it again.

I'm sure I'll find other things as time goes on but on the other hand things could be worse, my laptop could be fried completely. That would have been awful. So now that I'm back, I can begin to catch you up on my busy wedding week! Stay posted!

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