Friday, January 29, 2010

Splurge vs Steal Day

I spend a lot of time on Weddingbee, and someone started a great thread asking what was everyone's best splurge vs steal for their wedding. Well if that thread could walk around the mall carrying a purse, that was me today! I used to be a bit of a shopping addict but I have reformed my ways (and my bank account) since meeting Dan. I rarely hit the mall anymore, so when I do, it's a BIG deal for me. I've been lusting after the prettiest darn shoes I have ever seen (thanks a lot Bees) and decided to take the plunge and hit Holt Renfrew to see if they were available. I am officially on the calling list when these beautiful Louboutin's come in!

I was disappointed the pumps weren't available this season, but I'll get over it. They'll be great for our engagement shoot and I'm hoping comfy enough to put on as my dancin' shoes at the wedding! But since I was in Holt's........................................ Well these really adorable Burberry rainboots jumped out at me!
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I mean come on, they have hearts on them!!! How could I not buy them for our engagement shoot or in case it rains at our outdoor wedding!!!! So clearly I made an impulse cute rainboots buy. I'm pretty sure Dan won't be as enamored with them, but whatever, he doesn't have to wear them right?! I'm going to pair them with a black skirt and little cardigan (hmmmm more shopping. I feel an old habit rearing it's ugly head!), and of course, an umbrella. Cute!!! No one ever told me getting married was also an excuse to buy amazing shoes!
Now for the steal. Let's end the post on a positive pocketbook note huh? A couple years back I discovered the limited edition Evian bottle designed by Christin Lacroix. I'm not going to say I really know what any of his fashion lines look like, or even really who he is, but I thought it was the prettiest darn bottle I had ever seen. I bought one for $20 and promised to love it and keep it and never ever open it so long as I shall live. 
 (Personal photo)

Then I found them on sale for $2.50 at my local grocery store a year and a half later. So I bought 12 more. They live in my china hutch and make me smile whenever I see them.
(Personal photo)

After my Burberry high, I was trying to scoop some bargains on baby clothes for a friend at Winner's. I happened to see cases of said Evian water in the aisle but didn't give it much thought other than "Man, that's cheap! I can't believe how much I spent on that first bottle!". 1 case, 12 bottles, $12.99. That's $1.56/bottle people! And then I had an Oprah "Ah ha!" moment. We're going to need bottled water for the wedding. Sure, we may find water for cheaper, but will it be THIS pretty?! Heck no!!!! I bought 10 cases. That's right people, 120 bottles of Evian fancy schmancy collector bottles for $146 after taxes. SCORE!!!!!!!

 (Personal photo)

Splurge: Cutie pie rainboots
Steal: Pretty water bottles! 
Winner: ME!

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