Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Who do? Yudu!

I think I need to make a second confession. My second favourite thing in the world (first being lists), is crafts. A wedding is just an excuse to DIY myself to death and buy lots of fancy crafting machines. I've somehow managed to con my family into chipping in for a Cricut for my birthday and for a Yudu for Christmas. Thankfully Dan is a master at Ebay so it's all come in much cheaper than shopping at Micheal's. So now I have these machines and I realize I've backed myself into a corner. I HAVE TO use them for the invitations and various other wedding related projects to justify my family's expenditure. I can no longer throw my hands up in the air after three attempts and pay someone else to do it. I'm also coming to the realization that making a few handmade birthday cards for friends is cute and fun, but 170 invitations?! Are you kidding me?! Thank god for bridesmaids!!!!! That being said, I'm really excited to put myself into every area of our wedding that I can. My family and friends will recognize right off the bat what I've done. Just call me Little Martha!

I say all this while my new Yudu whirrs away behind me drying my SECOND attempt at setting the emulsion sheet. It only comes with two. Uh oh. Hopefully I'll get this process down pat and soon I'll be Yudu-ing my invitations and OOT bags! Hooray!!!

What kinds of DIY are you putting yourself through? Any tips to share?

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