Saturday, January 02, 2010

Persuasive Potato Salad

A large part of the beginning of our relationship was spent at the condo's communal barbeques down on the lake. I could convince Dan to haul all the food, utensils, and drinks down if I promised to make potato salad with our meal. This is not a precise recipe, and it tastes best if you make it a day ahead of time so the flavours have time to seep in overnight.

- Boil potatoes. New potatoes, mini potatoes, whatever. Yukon Gold's don't work as well because they tend to fall apart a little. I like either new or mini. I do enough to fill a mid-size pot. I like leftovers. When they're cooked, drain them and throw them in a big bowl in the fridge to cool.
- While those are cooling, fry up some bacon. I'd say at least 4 slices. If you're a bacon freak like me, 6-8 is more reasonable. And don't forget to do a spare to munch on for a treat! Crumble up the bacon when you're done.
- Take out your cool potatoes and cut those suckers up to bit size pieces.
- To your potatoes add: crumbled bacon, diced green onion, mayo, salt and freshly ground pepper to taste. I usually add enough mayo so it's creamy, but not a bowl of mayo with some potato mixed in. I'd say it's at least half a cup, maybe a full cup depending on the volume of potato salad I'm making.
- Let this delicious mixture sit over night in your fridge and enjoy!

It's simple and not very exact, but it's delicious! People always rave about it and can't believe it's not any more complicated than it is. Enjoy!

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