Sunday, January 03, 2010

The List

Confession time. I love lists. I'm not talking about "it helps to keep me organized" love. I love lists so much I get giddy about them. I make lists of lists. Yes this is something I may need to seek professional help for one day I know. The one list I do NOT like is our wedding guest list. We started making our list about a week after we got engaged. Alright, I started making our list about a week after we got engaged. I'm surprised I waited that long... Anyways, at first we had about 80 people and we were thinking "Wow, this is going to be wonderful! So intimate and cozy, perfect!". Right. Then as the days went by we thought of another person.... Then another.... Then some friends our parents would probably want to have... 110 of those later, our guest list has ballooned to 170 people!!! I imagine with family and friends who are overseas, the actual RSVP number will be closer to 150, but that's a far cry from the 80 we initially imagined!

What to do? We have a few As and Bs, but really, there's only about 20 "B list" people, and honestly, I'm pretty sure the division between As and Bs is now gone and I'm just inviting everyone. I've already slashed the "and Guest" which cut about 60 additional guests off. Our rule is going to be that if at the time of the invitations getting sent out you're in a relationship, that "and Guest" will be included. If not, not. I'm not much interested in paying for some random's dinner that I've never met and that will probably roll her eyes to her girlfriend's later "Ugh, I had to go to some people's wedding this weekend. It was soooooooo boring, I didn't know anyone there...". No thanks. Tough love I know!

I think I've come to live with our number. We do have a lot of friends (not to toot our horn here!), and each of them is so important to the life we've been building together, I'm not about to start picking and choosing which one is MORE important to me. 150 isn't too bad. 400 would be far too many for me to deal with, but 150 is manageable... How have you come about making your wedding list? What problems have you had?

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